Manuel Schneuwly

My job is my passion!

Manuel studied electrical engineering in his hometown in Fribourg and worked for several years as a software-engineer. In 2011, he discovered skydiving, his new passion, and started traveling around to jump out of airplanes whenever and wherever he could.

Soon after, Manu became a professional tunnel instructor at RealFly Sion. He is now a trainer and flies in competitions with the RealFly Academy Dynamic Team.

As one of the rare Swiss trainers, Manu speaks fluently german, french and english and has the capacity to coach you in dynamic or static FreeFly.



Swiss Championships 2018

2 Way - Intermediate: 1st

World Championships 2017

at Montréal, Dynamic 4Way: 3th place

World Championships 2017

at Montréal, Dynamic 2Way: 4th place

France Championships 2017

at Weembi, Dynamic 2Way: 2nd place

Charlewars 2, 2016

at Airspace, Dynamic 2Way: 4th place

IndoorSkydiving World Cup 2016

at Flyspot, Dynamic 2Way: 5th place