Whether you are a beginner or a well trained proflyer, our team is here to provide you with the best advice on your choice of equipment. We offer a personalized service according to your needs and flying level.

Tonfly Tunnel Suit

With RealFly Academy, you can order and buy your Tonfly tunnel suit.

These custom made suits offer the top of the line skydiving equipment for flyers who want excellent quality coupled with a sleek style. The suits are specially designed for tunnel flying but are also great for the sky.

The ergonomic cut allows you to move freely even with a minimum amount of elastic and a tight fit.

Mesures are taken directly onsite by our stylists team 😉

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Price : upon request

Cookie Helmets

Cookie G3 Skydiving Helmet

Designed to maximize your senses the G3 skydiving helmet provides unbeatable comfort and field of vision. A high impact Polycarbonate visor provides protection against hits while keeping an undistorted view.

The V-Mech assures the visor is in place at all times even in the most extreme situations being that in the tunnel or in the air. Cookie’s exclusive fastening system makes sure that the helmet wraps evenly around the head without any unnecessary pressure points.

The helmet liner incorporates D3O for better low impact protection during multiple hits.

Colors available: white or black
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Price: CHF 450.-

G-Form Protection Pads

Elbow and knees G-FORM

Whether at the tunnel, in the sky, on the field or on the water, the Pro-X Elbow Pads give you the protection you need without hindering movement. G-Form technology uses a rate-dependent material that stiffens on impact to absorb energy. Plus, the body-mapped pads are designed for full articulation with virtually no bulk.

You’ll forget you’re even wearing pads until the moment you need them!

Pads are sold in pairs.

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Price: CHF 75.-


RealFly Academy created its own T-shirt with our logo, colors and mountains!

It comes with short or long sleeves and is perfectly suitable to train in the tunnel.
It is very light and has a tight fit. Ideal to wear under your suit.

Fits both men and women.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL.
Price: CHF 50.-
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