Swiss Indoor Skydiving Championship

Friday, 27th and Saturday, 28th of March 2020 ! SAVE THE DATE !
More information will follow !

Holy Crap Huckjam

Share your flight time with other flyers!

What is a Huckjam?
Get more for what you paid for by sharing your time with flyers of a similar level. RealFly will also treat you to a free apero after the Huckjam! Places are limited to 12 people per Huckjam, sharing 3h of flying time (if there are less than 12 people, each one gets to fly a minimum of 15 minutes. For example, 10 people will share 2.5h of flying time).

Price: CHF 155.- / person (you can fly up to 45 minutes!)
Special Deal: if you participate to 5 Huckjams during the year, fly for free on your 6th Huckjam!!
Minimum skills: belly, back and sit (solid skills, taking grips etc)
Ready to fly and briefing: 18:00 – 23:00
Apero: 22:00
Info & registration:
Next Huckjam dates 2019:  19th of October / 16th of November (belly huckjam) / 14th of December

Next Huckjam dates 2020: 18th of January / 15th of February (belly huckjam) / 14th of March / 11th of April / 16th of May (belly huckjam) / 13th of June / 17th of July / 14th of August (belly huckjam) / 19th of September / 17th of October / 14th of November (belly huckjam) / 19th of December